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Fast, faster, fastest, you decide.

Having the right information at the right time, in the right place is not easy Especially when the information is only available on paper People are getting more and more aware of the importance of having required documents available 24 7 and distributing/maintaining information on paper is not only time consuming, but also puts the risk of losing information at a high level.

Converting paper to digital is the first step The next step is to make sure that the digital information gets distributed to the correct groups or people in the organisation, and that the information gets archived following the organisational policy and procedure, while keeping the whole process secure and easy to maintain.

Scanner is a capture solution to automate document workflows, which works with scanned documents as well as documents generated by other applications scanner workflow forms a bridge between MFP or business application that produces documents, and a destination such as a network folder or a back end application used by your organization scanner automatically converts documents enriches the documents with critical data provided by the MFP or the business application, and stores them in the right destination, reducing unnecessary steps saving time and money in the process.

Scanner has many readily available connectors to the most popular ERP and DMS, such as Ceyoniq SharePoint, M Files and NetDocuments.

These connectors let the employees send documents using their own account, complying to the application's security policy Combined with powerful script, expression and query editors to create enhancements that fulfil your specific requirements, the uses and possibilities you can create with scanner are endless.

With large organizations and big numbers of documents in mind, the enhanced Parallel Processing Engine allows the application to process multiple documents at the same time Doubling the number of document processors will cut the processing time roughly in half, saving even more valuable time and money in the end The customer is in complete control over how much processor resources scanner should utilize from the system, and is therefore able to decide how fast scanner should perform scanner turns complex document workflows into easy to manage processes, and delivers the best performance to value ratio compared to other products in the market.

The customer is in complete control over how much processor resources scanner should utilize from the system, and therefore able to decide how fast scanner should perform.

What sets Scanner apart?

Full Connectors Range

Perform any file based task quickly and easily, such as file transmission and document system communication with Connectors that link the Processing Engine to proprietary document management systems and file servers Upload your document directly to a host of web servers, online web services and third party applications, thanks to the wide range of connectors available.

Conditional SEE (Scanner Expression Editor)

SEE offers the full use of Regular Expression to select parts of or even modify metadata before it is used The SEE also shows the expected output in real time so no more guessing what the outcome of your expressions will be In Scanner we have raised the bar even further with an improved SEE You will now be able to apply conditions in your expressions!

Conditional Connector Execution

Now you have the option to specify the conditions under which a connector executes Conditions can be based on the presence of a word in the metadata, numbers equal to, smaller than etc Any metadata extracted from the document can be used whether it is 1 D or 2 D barcodes, Zonal OCR or full text OCR to drive the conditions for connectors.

Zone Recognition

Automatically capture data from specific zones on the document Zones for all 4 supported zonal OCR functions namely Zone OCR, ICR, MICR and OMR can be configured in the same interface using the same sample document (which is stored in the template!) and on multiple pages! You can also now name your zones! This makes it much easier to identify different zones.

Barcodes and QR codes

Scanner can extract information from 1 D and 2 D barcodes to use in the metadata or add barcodes into scanned documents for easier processing later on It’s possible to specify advanced settings for each individual barcode and also to supply sample data which will then appear automatically in the SEE as the tag data when the metadata is used.

Scanner Forms recognition

The forms recognition option will automatically recognize each document and process it using the right workflow template There’s no need to use different buttons or create different categories, Forms recognition will do this job automatically making the process faster and easier Forms are unlimited and the form creation process is totally automatic.

Operate from the Touch!

Scanner can operate from the Touch screen panel of most of the popular multifunctional devices, or from your PC desktop with our Desktop client Customize the look by adding your own icons, populate your picklists and much more!

Single Sign On across all connectors, connector picklists and clients

A user who is logged in at the MFP will also be logged in as himself/herself in SharePoint, DropBox and any other connector With this, once a user has been identified in SV, all activity in the processing workflow will logically be done AS THAT user This means that the SharePoint, Dropbox, NetDocuments etc ..(and any connector for that matter) will upload documents as the user, and not the system administrator as is currently the case The authentication tokens of all these systems will be stored securely in the SV database and the user will be able to set them up from his/her own computer System administrators will not have to get involved in the process

Bi directional Connectors

Do live browsing against their part applications Bi directional connectors makes it possible to select from a picklist the exact folder or library from the final output site in real time If you combine this option with the new forms recognition module you can really create an advanced workflow and at the same time really user friendly! More power and less work.

Dual OCR Engine

We all know that not all documents are the same and for this reason we offer in Scanner an additional OCR engine With the choice of 2 OCR engines the user is able to choose the best OCR engine for a particular type of document This choice is possible on a per template basis In the template a user can specify which engine to use.

Parallel Processing Engine

Scanner is able to process more than one document at the same time, by using additional document processor(s) When there are 2 or more documents waiting to be processed each document processor will take one document from the queue and process it This will reduce processing time significantly, as the processing speed is multiplied by the number of available document processors.


  • Full user interface including connectors and modules
  • Workflow Import / Export tool
  • Scanner 7/8 automatic workflow conversion
  • Automatic workflow integrity checking
  • Professional Services custom screen
  • Certificate signed and encrypted configuration database
  • Equitrac, PaperCut, MyQ / KYOCERA Net Manager / aQrate authentication / Single Sign On
  • UI to manage thousands of users and clients
  • Language selection
  • Password protected user interface
  • Multi level logging
  • Remote deployment to MFP (specific brands)

Scanner Capture

  • Capture documents from a Hot Folder structure (including sub folders)
  • Capture from FTP source
  • Capture from eMail source. POP3, IMAP servers (SSL supported)
  • Capture from TWAIN compatible devices
  • Capture from mobile devices (Android)
  • Scanned document preview (desktop/mobile)
  • KYOCERA, Triumph Adler, UTAX, FujiXerox, HP, Epson and Ricoh embedded/web clients
  • Flexible zone capturing to fill in metadata automatically (using built in OCR engine)
  • Picklist creation from multiple sources (SQL, XML, LIST, BROWSE, VBS, CONNECTOR, C#)
  • Capture process timer
  • Multi capture
  • Active Directory / LDAP and CSV users import

Scanner Document Process

  • Scanner Professional OCR Engine
  • Scanner Advantage OCR Engine
  • Selectable output format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PCX, PDF, PNG, PS, TIFF, WMF, DOC, XLS, RTF, SPDF, PDF/A, XPS)
  • Process multiple documents simultaneously
  • File Summary Information can be generated from metadata for each document
  • ABC compression module
  • 1D Barcode reading (including document splitting)
  • 2D Barcode reading (including document splitting)
  • 1D and 2D Barcode writing
  • Export metadata values and OCRed text to XML / TXT / CSV and HTML formats
  • Forms recognition module
  • Image Processing Settings module (including blank page removal, border removal, etc...)
  • Document annotation module (insert watermarks and customizable stamps based on metadata)
  • Scanner Expression Editor tool including conditional metadata expressions
  • Zonal OCR engine with custom metadata fields and multi page documents compatibility
  • Optical Mark Recognition module (compatible with Zone OCR)
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition module (compatible with Zone OCR)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) (compatible with Zone OCR)
  • User customizable email notifications


  • Conditional / Multi Instance connector execution
  • Standard connectors : Windows File System, SQL, e Mail, WebDAV, File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ), VBScript, Jscript, Powershell, C#
  • Optional connectors *: NetDocuments, M Files, Xplan, UNIT4 DM, UNIT4 Cura, Hyarchis, Evernote, MyDoc, iCAB, DocuWare, Dropbox, SharePoint (Online), Google Drive, Sage One, SV One Lite, DocQuijote, Exact, AFAS, Ceyoniq, Xplan, eDocPro, Objective, FileDirector, ChipSoft HiX, Nedap Ons, PlanCare, Regas.

* Depends on chosen license type

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